When you are searching for answers that can give meaning to your own existence, it is inevitable to search these answers through ‘THAT’ which transcends us. It does not matter if you call ‘THAT’ God, the universe, the collective consciousness, or any other way that you feel comfortable with. It does not matter if you are an atheist because just by not believing in something you are believing. When you search for profound answers, you always end up going to the same place. And in my case, it was not any different; I had to go to ‘THAT’ to find meaning and purpose in my life.

My relationship with God has evolved substantially throughout my life; specially since I started my quest. Like many Spanish children, y grew up catholic, and my parents always gave me enough freedom when it came to choosing in what to believe.

I remember when I was a child, I used to pray every night. I talked to God and told him about all my problems. However, as I grew older, those conversations stopped. For some reason, the concept of faith and religion that I had learned, did not resonate with me anymore. I did not stop believing in God, I only did not buy the version of God that religion had showed me. It was at that time when I put God to one side.

Since I started my journey, he has come back stronger than ever. The main different this time, is that he came back in a vastly different way. God never left me. He was always there, waiting patiently. The problem was within myself; I only accepted to see him in the way that religion had taught me.

Religion had taught me that I could only see God through religion. It taught me that anything that was not catholic was wrong. Religion taught me that I had to win God over by making merits and sacrifices; otherwise he would not be with me. Religion taught me that God was only in church, and he never came out. It taught me to pray for only those who were catholic and believed the same as me. Religion taught me all the opposite things that they preach.

My good friend told me once, that religion is like an egg’s shell. It serves a purpose; it protects the embryo inside. During some time, the shell serves a vital purpose, however at some point the shell needs to be broken for the embryo to be transformed. I cannot agree more with this statement. I passionately believe that the base of every religion has something to teach us about ‘THAT’ which transcends us; however, the problem is Dogma. Through Dogma, religion has made the infinite, finite and has adapted God to the ego of human beings.

My journey has taken me to find God in all those places that where unknown to me and at that time Yoga, meditation, Buddhism, and eastern philosophy was the unknown for me. I have also searched for God in monotheistic mysticism; I have to say that the concept I had of God and human beings, have radically changed. My quest for the infinite has not concluded, and it is likely it will never conclude.

My intention is simple. I want to help others in their own quest. I want to help others find their own meaning and purpose in life. I want to help others become conscious off the enormous power that resides within them. I want to help others to find ‘THAT’ by finding themselves.