The first time I came to India, I thought I had seen everything there was to see. I had been living in Nepal for three months, and I though India would not be so different. I was completely wrong!

As I previously said, Nepal opened my eyes to things that where dormant in me. I left Nepal with an anxious need to find answers, that could provide meaning to my simple existence. Well, this anxiety only increased when I stepped into India.

If there is a place on earth where you can find answers about your own existence, that is India. However, it is not that easy. People come to India thinking that God welcomes you at the airport, and while you visit the Taj Mahal, he provides you with all the answers to your problems; unfortunately it is much more complicated than that. India was not only the place where I could find answers, but the place where more questions rose within me.

For every step you take in India, one thousand more questions arise in your mind. In many cases you want to give up your quest; you believe your questions are not being answered. However, it takes time to be conscious that for every step you take in India you transform yourself on a subtle level. Nobody leaves India being the same individual; many leave in a worst situation than they arrived. The secret is patience. If you have enough patience, India shows itself to you; and through its people you can find answers to all your questions.

There is no middle ground in India. After visiting India multiple times, and living here for over a year, I can say that India is that place on earth where extremes really exist.

When you think about India, the first thing that comes to people’s minds is poverty, misery, and underdevelopment. However, the first things that come to my mind is intensity, spiritual wealth, and contrast.

Intensity, because if you want to experience life, India gives you everything; through the most intense experience. Spiritual wealth, because there is no other place on the planet where you can find so many answers about the divine. And contrast, because only in India you can experiment happiness and sadness, vanity and humility, courage, and fear, all at the same time. For these reasons India is just India. Nothing less, and nothing more.

Many people do not understand why India is so special to me. The reason is quite simple. India is the only place in the world, where I can experience life. After living my entire life inside a bubble, India is the only place where I have been able to experience the real world. During the time I have been in India, I have learned more about the human condition than in my entire life. I strongly believe there is no better school of life than India; everything you learn here you learn it intensely. And whenever you believe there is something else to learn, do not worry, India always finds the way teach you.

India has also been the place where I had the pleasure of meeting the person who has helped, guided me, and put up with all my spiritual naivety. Thanks to this person, I have learned what India really is. Thanks to him I am in one piece; because the journey I started three years ago is an exceedingly difficult journey to walk alone. I owe everything to my great friend; he even saved my marriage in a difficult time. And although he does not like it when I thank him, here is a sincere Thank you for you…