Hello every body, welcome to Atma's blog. Today we are going to talk about Purusha & Prakriti.

So, Yoga as a spiritual practice is deeply rooted in the different systems of philosophy that have shaped what we know today as the Indian subcontinent. There are many concepts that form yoga philosophy, but if you are a beginner to yoga, you need to get familiarized with two core ideas. These are: the concept of Purusha or individual Consciousness; and the concept of Prakriti or Nature. Purusha and Prakriti, or Consciousness and Nature are the two underlying realities or principles that form the practice of Yoga.

In Yoga, Purusha is known as individual Consciousness or the Self. The main attribute of Purusha is Chetana or awareness. So, it can be said that Purusha or the Self is nothing more than conscious awareness. This conscious awareness is considered the eternal reality that remains untouched by nature and is shared with all living beings. This is why the main spiritual traditions of the east promote the cultivation of awareness as the only journey to the Self. To make it easy to understand, just by cultivating awareness you get to know your true nature. you get to know your Self.

The second principle that constitutes the practice of yoga is Prakriti; also known as Nature. Prakriti represents everything in the universe which is not conscious; it is what we commonly know from science as matter. Prakriti is nothing more than the combination of three Gunas or forces. The three Gunas are Sattva or balance, Rajas or activity and Tamas or inertia. This means that everything that exists in the universe is either inert, active, or balanced or a combination of the three.

So now that you know what Purusha and Prakriti are; the key question is: what is the purpose of Prakriti and Purusha?

According to Yoga the purpose of Purusha is to realize itself and the purpose of Prakriti is to help Purusha to realize itself. In other words, the purpose of Consciousness is to realize its true nature, and the purpose of Matter or Nature is to help Consciousness to realize its nature. Everything that is manifested in the universe manifests with the sole purpose of aiding Consciousness to realize its true nature.

I will leave you with one question for you to think about: what would be of the universe if there was no one to watch it?