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The Art Of Meditation

The Ultimate Course to becoming a Meditation Master

Want to meditate, but don't know where to start? This course is for YOU...

Master The Art of Meditation provides a simple and straightforward approach for those who want to start a regular meditation practice. In a comprehensible and practical style, this course aims to provide you with everything that is required to meditate.


This course looks into the original and traditional teachings of meditation, adding a contemporary view into the psychological aspects of the mind.

The course includes 9 guided meditations, recorded in a sound studio that guarantees a high audio quality. Additionally, each meditation comes with a version with binaural beats to help you enter a meditative state more easily.

Course structure:

Unit 1: What is Meditation 

This unit focuses on the origins of meditation, and how meditation has evolved to the present day. Additionally, it covers the influence meditation has on both the brain and Mind.

Unit 2: Starting a Meditation Practice

This unit focuses on everything that is required to start a regular meditation practice. From choosing the right posture and environment, to choosing the right time of day to meditate. 


Unit 3: Mindfulness

This unit focuses on defining the principle of Consciousness and Mindfulness, which are at the core of any meditation practice. Additionally, this unit includes 3 guided meditations to help you develop mindfulness or awareness.

Unit 4: Samatha Meditation

This unit focuses on the practice of Samatha, which constitutes the basis of meditation, where a meditation object is chosen to calm the mind. It includes a guided meditation to help you practice Samatha.

Unit 5: Vipassana Meditation

This unit focuses on the practice of Vipassana, where the main objective is to obtain insight, after the mind has reached a state of calmness. It included 3 guided meditations where you will work with your body, thoughts and emotions. 

Unit 6: Metta Meditation

This unit focuses on the practice of Metta or loving kindness. Metta constitutes the culmination of the meditative experience where after calming our minds, working with our bodies, thoughts, and emotions, we can focus on our true nature which is love and kindness. It includes 2 guided meditations, to help you in the practice of forgiveness and loving kindness.

Unit 7: The Triangle of Practice

This unit focuses on integrating all the different practices, providing you with a framework to establish your own practice.

Unit 8: The Five Obstacles

This unit focuses on the five hindrances or obstacles that will most likely appear whenever you meditate. Additionally, this unit provides you with different ways to overcome such obstacles.

Unit 9: A Practice for Life

This unit raps up all the different units and focuses on how to ensure your practice is sustained through time. 

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Yoga Psychology For Life

Yoga psychology aims to transform the core teachings of Yoga (its practice and philosophy) into actionable insights and applications for your day to day life. Yoga psychology looks into the nature of the mind, and provides you with a way to realize your innermost nature. The aim of this course is to move beyond Asanas or physical postures, and provide you with authentic teachings and applications of Yoga.  

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Introduction to Vedic Astrology

This course  looks into the psychological meaning and influences the planets and stars have on your mind, emotions and state of being. It is a journey to understand your deepest nature and be able to obtain insights that can help you in your spiritual and self development journey. This course will introduce the basics of Vedic Astrology, how to read a chart, and how to read all the different psychological aspects influenced by it. 

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